Registration FAQs

Uniform orders take 6 to 8 weeks. Teams must be formed before the order can be placed. Additionally, the paperwork to handle insurance, team roster and scheduling is monumental and takes time.

Your coach will contact you approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of the season after the coaches meeting

There are approximately 10 games per season.

Fees pay for insurance, soccer equipment, referees, training costs and all the other things required to run this type of program. It does not pay for the uniform.

After registration, you will receive an email from our uniform vendor with an order link to order your uniforms. Your uniforms will be shipped to you via UPS, and take approximately 2 weeks, so please order your uniforms as soon as possible.

A traveling recreational team plays with other teams in North Florida Youth Soccer League, instead of just at the home club. Some travel is involved but it is all within an hour and half of home. Teams start traveling at the U12 age level for both boys and girls.

Although shinguards are required, cleats are not. Many younger children are more comfortable in their sneakers. Older children will want the traction that their cleats provide.

No jewelry or anything that could cause harm to other players or themselves can be worn. This rule includes hair beads and barrettes and even casts. We recommend that ears be pierced between seasons because earrings must be removed to play. This is a Florida Youth Soccer rule and not discretionary for the referees or club officials.

Practices & Games

Practices will begin approximately 2 weeks before the start of the season. The Spring season generally begins the first or second weekend of March. The Fall season generally begins the end of August.

The majority of practices are held at the club. There are also several teams that may also practice at other locations in the area.

Practice days and times depend on the coach but are generally once a week for U5-U6 for an hour and twice a week for an hour to hour and a half for the older age groups at the discretion of the coach. Practices are usually in the evening.

The majority of practices are held at the Dennis Viollet Soccer Complex in Eagle Harbor. There are also several teams that may also practice at other locations in the Clay County area.

Older and advanced (or select) teams often start early. Many of the coaches for younger children will not begin until 2 weeks before opening day.

Only players and coaches registered to can participate in our practices and games. Other are not covered by our insurance.

The majority of games will be played on Saturdays with the possibility of an occasional Friday night or Sunday game depending on the number of teams in the players’ particular age group. All games for the U5-U8 are played at the home fields. U10-U19 will play games at the home field as well as other clubs in the greater Jacksonville area.

Players and Spectators are kept separate to aid the coach and referees in team management. It helps the coach to have all the players in one place. It helps the player to understand that his instructions come to the coach during the game if he does not have the distractions of the family around.

Coaches & Referees

Sign up on the website under Recreational > Coaching. You will then be forwarded a link to complete your background check.

Yes, the club has manuals, books, and a few videotapes. We also provide coaching courses and clinics on a regular basis. Contact the office for additional information.

Find out on this website under The Club > Referee