Dear Recreational Head Coach

Please read the instructions carefully!
You may ONLY sign up for the practice field in the age group you have been a team at this time.
Pick your time slot – (you can not request a specific field).

  • Make sure to pick the correct location: Eagle Harbor Soccer Complex or Ringhaver Park
  • Sign up ONCE and you will get two days/week:
  • All MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS during the full season
  • All TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS during the full season
  • The club reserves the right to change or alter practice times.
  • Limited day-light for the FIRST (spring season) or LAST (fall season) weeks of practice because of daylight savings time for slots 7-8 pm on some courts
  • Password is emailed to coaches when the background check is completed and cleared.



Contact the

For questions contact Amy Holloway at [email protected] 

Your Age Group

(this is ONLY to be filled out by the head coach)