Dear Recreational Head Coach

Please read the instructions carefully!
You may ONLY sign up for the practice field at the Eagle Harbor Soccer Complex in the age group you have been a team at this time.
Pick your time slot – (you can not request a specific field).

  • Sign up ONCE and you will get two days/week:
  • All MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS during the full season
  • All TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS during the full season
  • The club reserves the right to change or alter practice times.
  • Limited day-light for the FIRST (spring season) or LAST (fall season) weeks of practice because of daylight savings time for slots 7-8 pm on some courts
  • Password is emailed to coaches when the background check is completed and cleared.



Contact the

For questions contact Amy Holloway at [email protected] 

Your Age Group

(this is ONLY to be filled out by the head coach)