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The Youth Academy Program at United Soccer Alliance is intended to act as a bridge/pathway to our premier program. The emphasis in this program is on creating technically proficient players that have an understanding of small sided tactics by the time they move forward into the premier program. The use of various small sided games to teach various aspects of the game are heavily used. Ball mastery, 1v1 attacking & defending, running with the ball, back to pressure and numbers up and numbers down activities are just a few examples of the topics we cover in our curriculum. Players progress at different rates and as such our staff ensures to train everybody in a manner that is best for the individual’s needs. United Soccer Alliance embraces a positive environment that nurtures the development of young soccer players both on and off the field. Youth Academy Staff are licensed and experienced coaches that specialize in working with Academy aged soccer players. The Youth Academy program is a yearlong program that offers a higher level of training than that of our Recreational program.

  • Our Youth Academy offers a proven curriculum focusing on the development of the individual player.
  • Each staff coach in the Youth Academy is professionally licensed.
  • Youth Academy players train three times per week.
  • Goalkeepers are offered 1 additional position specific session per week.
  • Youth Academy teams culminate their regular season in both the Fall and the Spring with a Festival Day.
Academy Program Player/Parent Packet


U7 – U8
Boys & Girls


August – November
February – May

* The exact start dates vary from season to season.

2022/23 AGE CHART

U5    2018
U6    2017
U8    2015-2016
U10  2013-2014
U12  2011-2012
U14  2009-2010
U16  2007-2008
U19  2004-2006

*Birth Certificates are required to be submitted to Club Registrar.