Program Info

The Elite Academy is designed to keep players training at the highest possible level and serves as a bridge between our Academy and Premier programs.

We will be continuing our academy style training where the focus is strictly on individual skill development while introducing a premier team environment, having a head coach that trains the team and who also travels around the city with the team to play teams from other clubs within the North Florida Youth Soccer League.

In addition to the training that the players receive with their head coach, we will also be adding an after school session and a group training session.

Elite Academy Programs

After School Training

The after school training will take place at 3:30 pm on Tuesdays with a professional coach. The session will focus on technical development in a functional environment. The session will run on topic with the U11 curriculum, working on things such as advanced attacking and defending skills, passing and receiving, heading, striking and serving with proper technique and textures, finishing, etc. there will also be smart sessions within our small sided environment in an effort to introduce tactical awareness and create smarter soccer players.

Group Training Session

The group training session will be a more advanced version of the U10 group training. The teams will follow a 10 week curriculum working in blocks of 2-3 weeks on a variation of technical and tactical topics. There will be multiple coaches present in order to allow players to understand different coaching styles; a key part of their development.


U9 – U11
Boys & Girls


August – November
February – May

* The exact start dates vary from season to season.

2024/25 AGE CHART

U11 - 2014
U12 - 2013
U13 -
U14 -
U15 - 2010
U16  2009
U17 - 2008
U19 -

*Birth Certificates are required to be submitted to Club Registrar.